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The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast

This is a podcast for PREACHER fans, by PREACHER  fans. A weekly breakdown of AMC's series and all things PREACHER with hosts Steve and Dan.  

We bid the Congregation welcome. Now get listening  to THE WORD.

Jul 24, 2018

Is it that time already? Well, then let's talk some PREACHER! True to form this season, Episode 5 came out swinging and dropped more source material on us than any episode so far. So of course, you know that this is gonna be a long one.

We also have a little SDCC PREACHER news and do a very brief discussion about the trailer they dropped. Plus we have a few listener emails to get through. Thanks to all that have been writing in. It makes it that much more worthwhile. 

So strap in, kids! We're going for a ride. We know this is a longer show so if you're strapped for time and want to get to the breakdown a little more quickly, it starts at around 55 minutes. OK, let's do this!

* A Couple Things: This weeks intro is "That Old Soft Shoe" and contains the vocal stylings of Dan Ramirez. We apologize in advance. Also, We're aware that Steve's vocals were a little low at times but we fixed it the best we could. 

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