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The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast

This is a podcast for PREACHER fans, by PREACHER  fans. A weekly breakdown of AMC's series and all things PREACHER with hosts Steve and Dan.  

We bid the Congregation welcome. Now get listening  to THE WORD.

Aug 3, 2017

This was a great episode and we had a lot to say about it.

Herr Starr is finally on PREACHER. No more teasing

We got our first voicemail (sorta?) That's right. You can now leave the show a voicemail. Please do because we want to play them on the show. Drop your comments, theories, and questions audio style. You've heard us. Now let's hear you. (Number below)

Julie Ann Emery ( @JulieAnnEmery ) drops a bumper as well.

Let's see what else?...Aw,'l find out.

Sorry the show came out so late. After recording, the computer crashed and it took hours to recover everything. Seriously...I almost said "fuck it". No more PCs. Blegh. But that's how much we love you. The show must go on!

There's a bunch of ways to gt a hold of us, folks. Let's mingle.

Leave us a 5 star review on iTunes. We'd really appreciate it.

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