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The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast

This is a podcast for PREACHER fans, by PREACHER  fans. A weekly breakdown of AMC's series and all things PREACHER with hosts Steve and Dan.  

We bid the Congregation welcome. Now get listening  to THE WORD.

Sep 13, 2017

Come on...You heard the intro to the podcast coming from a mile away, right?  Welp...That's a wrap for season 2. The PREACHER crew gave us a solid season closer and let some of you with a WTF??!! reaction for sure. Where does the show go from here, right? AND....Will there even BE a season 3? We're pretty confident that that's not going to be a problem.  Thanks to everyone that interacted with us this season, from a new audio setup to celebrity interviews, it was a great season for us, to say the least.

Congratulations to Lindsey, who was the winner of the Season 1 posters from Gallery 1988.


Ok. Enough with the pleasantries. You have a show to listen to. Let's go!



00:00 Intro / Minutia

00:06:23 Listener Voicemail

00:26:19 Listener Email

00:56:22 Poster Giveaway Winner Announced

00:58:40 Breakdown


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